• 150 CAL
  • 6g PROTEIN
  • 21g CARB
  • 1.5g FAT
Chorizo cheese & potatoes

Our pulp based chorizo, fons mozzarella cheese, potato crunch in a naturally dough.

  • 160 CAL
  • 5g PROTEIN
  • 27g CARB
  • 3g FAT
Sweet Potato Chili

House made jalapeño chilli with beans and sweet potato crunch wrapped by an elegant activated charcoal dough.

  • 190 CAL
  • 5g PROTEIN
  • 27g CARB
  • 6g FAT

Yummy beet dough filled with savory andes style ground beyond meat and rice.

  • 170 CAL
  • 3g PROTEIN
  • 22g CARB
  • 6g FAT

Fonsheeze mozzarella, san marzano tomatoes. Basil and tomatoes dough.

  • 160 CAL
  • 5g PROTEIN
  • 25g CARB
  • 5g FAT
Smoky Mushrooms

Smoky mezcal-garlic mushrooms in a greeny spinach dough.

  • 150 CAL
  • 4g PROTEIN
  • 30g CARB
  • 2g FAT

Slow simmered onions and jackfruit in a chipotle and garlic sauce, enveloped in a tasty carrot dough.

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